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Set in the heart of Southrop, the garden of Culls Cottage lies to the rear of the cottage. It is a large garden, almost a 1/4 of an acre in size.


There are numerous places to sit and dine and outside lights have been placed throughout the garden for your enhanced enjoyment.


One of the joys of Southrop, is its night sky. The relative lack of light pollution here (there are no street lights) can lead to some spectacular starry nights. The surrounding trees are also home to many birds and you can often hear owls hooting to one another.


Nikki our gardener and the continuing development of Culls Cottage garden

We now have Nikki to thank for nurturing Culls Cottage garden. Nikki is RHS trained and visits every few weeks, together with Sandy. Louise (Culls Cottage Housekeeper) regularly cuts the lawn. We try to schedule these times when guests are not resident, however, as I am sure you understand this is not always possible, especially in the summer months when more work is needed and summer rain precludes it. So you may occasionally see them in the garden during your stay. However they will not disturb you in the house.


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